Legal Writing II


Law is a profession that requires critical reading skills, the ability to write well, to synthesize sources resulting form research, and to speak clearly and concisely. For all these reasons there is a vital need for law students to communicate accurately and directly in written and oral situations

This course tries to satisfy the professional needs and interests of law students who like to improve their legal communication skills in English while examining the British and U.S. legal system.

Legal Writing I provides a background to the study of basic linguistic elements, exploring some of the most relevant areas of the English and North American justice system (its institutions, the provision of legal services, the analysis of the main branches of substantive law, etc.).

The course introduces some general features of the English and North American legal system which provides background to the development of legal analysis and writing. The natural overlap between topics promotes learning by recycling vocabulary, concepts and contexts, contributing to produce and overview of the Anglo-American legal system.
The course reinforces specific areas of language in legal context, emphasises vocabulary, consolidates key grammar areas, and develops writing and speaking skills. The vocabulary skills developed in the course include word power in legal settings, practical exercises that highlight important legal terminology and illustrate basic legal issues in British and U.S legal practice.