Legal History II


Learning Law is not only grasping legal techniques. Law is an essential part of our culture. This why if you want to study or practice law internationally you need to broaden your legal culture. For this purpose in Legal History I and Legal History II you will learn about the origins of our Legal systems. First about our political and constitutional history and then about how appeared the two main Western legal systems : the Civil Law and the Common Law systems. In Legal History I we will study our Legal History from the origins to the Absolute Monarchy when our States appeared, and in Legal History II from Enlightenment to European Integration.

We will try to restore your taste and hunger for general culture that is sadly, disappearing in our societies, drowned by more “practical” technological and economic concerns. Trying to allow you to understand the contemporary meaning of crucial realities such as the Law, the State, Government and Politics. And then spur you to become active and engaged citizens, who are culturally literate and aware of your historical background; informed citizens who, having enjoyed the thrilling experience of rediscovering the roots of our Western Civilization, stand ready to take part in its ongoing development.